Workbook Last Christmas – E-book




Welcome to the exciting world of the Christmas story! We hope you are ready to join our main character, Kate, in her search for the meaning of life and love. You will have an unforgettable time filled with magical songs of George Michael, which will create a special Christmas atmosphere. But that’s not all! Our workbook will help you improve your English language skills by offering a variety of exercises and tasks that will make your learning interesting and effective.

In this Christmas tale, you will find not only an exciting story, but also a real immersion in the holiday spirit. You will experience with Kate her adventures, open new horizons and find answers to life’s questions. And most importantly, you will help her find true happiness and love.

Don’t delay! Join us for a Christmas story, enjoy great music and improve your English with our workbook. We guarantee that your time spent here will be unparalleled and leave unforgettable impressions!


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