Workbook Last Christmas + Rebecca – a package




Workbook “Last Christmas” + “Sherlock Holmes” is a wonderful package for learning English, which combines an exciting Christmas story with exciting detective adventures.

“Last Christmas” is a Christmas romantic comedy that tells about an unusual Christmas adventure of a young woman. By reading this book and doing the exercises, you will be able to improve your reading skills, your understanding of English in the context of this magical story, and develop your vocabulary and grammar skills.

“Sherlock Holmes” is a classic series of detective novels about the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner Dr. Watson. By studying these books and working with the workbook, you will be able to improve your reading skills, your understanding of the English language, as well as develop your analytical skills, logical thinking and the ability to solve complex puzzles.

The package “Last Christmas” + “Sherlock Holmes” will help you deepen your knowledge of the English language, develop reading, comprehension, analysis and critical thinking skills. You will have the opportunity to learn from examples of real situations, enjoy fascinating stories and improve your language.

Don’t forget to use the workbooks, exercises and tasks provided in this pack to improve your English skills and reach your goals. Learn, develop and enjoy the ma


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