Corpse Bride + Emily in Paris – a package




Now you can learn English with the help of movies, series, cartoons and music!

For several months, our team has been developing unique books that will help absolutely everyone watch movies, series, and listen to music in English!

One such development is the package for learning English and creating a romantic atmosphere Corpse Bride + Emily in Paris. Here you can visit romantic Paris with Emily, who wants to be a part of this wonderful city (1 season in 10 episodes). And you can also immerse yourself in the fascinating creepy-romantic love story of another Emily and Viktor from the cartoon“Corpse Bride”, which is ideal for viewing on Halloween night.

What is our structure workbook?

  • A QR code that gives you access to the movie in English with subtitles. You can watch the movie an unlimited number of times.
  • Online dictionary with phrases and words from the movie.
  • Reading part – summary of the film + texts with interesting facts about it.
  • Exercise part – various exercises from the film (to practice words, to understand the film, to compare characters and quotes, to practice listening, writing skills, and so on). Tasks for each series include analysis of one grammatical topic, namely: Present Simple/Present Continuous, Be going to, Past Simple and irregular verbs, modal verbs, acronyms, prepositions, Future Simple, linking words, Present Perfect, etc. ;
  • Question to discuss – a list of questions about the film to practice spoken English.

How to work with our workbook?

Everything is very easy: you just turn on the movie using the QR code from the book, watch it and do exercises at the same time, thereby improving your English.


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