Workbook Cruella + Rebecca – a package




The workbook “Cruella + Rebecca” is a set of materials designed for teaching writing, reading and grammar of the English language. It includes a variety of tasks and exercises to help you improve these important skills.

  • Writing: Through writing exercises, you will be able to improve your written expression and grammar. You will work on writing a variety of texts, including descriptions, stories and letters, and will have the opportunity to improve your skills in structuring and expressing ideas in English.
  • Reading: The workbook also contains reading texts to help you develop your reading comprehension skills. You will work with a variety of texts of various levels of difficulty and perform tasks that will help develop your vocabulary, understanding the main ideas and details of the text.
  • Grammar: In addition, the workbook contains exercises aimed at learning and consolidating the grammatical rules of the English language. You will learn to use the correct grammatical construction and avoid common mistakes.

With the Cruella + Rebecca pack, you will be able to improve your English writing, reading and grammar skills using exciting themes and materials from the famous Cruella and Rebecca books.


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