Emily in Paris + Rebecca – a package




The “Emily in Paris” + “Rebecca” package is an exciting set for learning English that combines adventure in Paris with mystery and romance.

“Emily in Paris” is a popular TV series about a young American, Emily, who moves to Paris and accidentally gets a job in a fashion company. By reading the script of this series and working with the workbook, you will be able to improve your reading skills, understand English and develop your vocabulary and grammar, emphasizing the atmosphere of fashion and life in Paris.

Rebecca is a classic novel of mystery, romance and intrigue. By reading this book and doing the exercises in the workbook, you will be able to deepen your reading skills, learn new words and expressions, and improve your skills in understanding and using English in different contexts.

The “Emily in Paris” + “Rebecca” package will help you expand your vocabulary, improve your reading and English comprehension skills, and develop your language skills in situations related to fashion, international cities and mysteries.

Be sure to use the workbooks, exercises, and tasks provided in this package to systematically practice and improve your skills. Learn English while enjoying exciting stories from the Workbook “Emily in Paris” + “Rebecca”!


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