Workbook Cruella + Corpse Bride – a package




“Cruella” + “Corpse Bride” Workbook is a unique package that helps you improve your English language skills with two exciting stories.

“Cruella” is an exciting film that tells about the beginning of the career of the famous thief Cruella de Vil. This story not only captivates you with its dramatic storyline and stylish images, but also provides valuable material for learning English. The Cruella Workbook contains exercises, tasks, and questions to help you develop your reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary skills, as well as expand your vocabulary.

“Corpse Bride” is a wonderful animated fairy tale that tells about the unusual love between a living young man and a dead bride. The Corpse Bride Workbook contains exercises, tasks and dialogues to help you improve your listening, speaking and English comprehension skills in the context of this charming story.

This package will allow you not only to enjoy exciting movies, but also to actively study English, develop your skills and improve your language skills. You will have the opportunity to learn from examples of real situations and characters, as well as deepen your vocabulary, improve grammar and communication skills.

Don’t forget to use the workbooks, exercises and tasks provided in this pack to improve your English skills and get the most out of it. Develop your language while enjoying the exciting stories of Cruella and Corpse Bride!


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