Workbook Cruella + Squid Game – a package




In the set, you can purchase two workbooks with the most popular books of our time, as well as a package aimed at developing the reader’s thinking. Such a kit can be designed to improve English language skills, stimulate critical thinking and creative development.

Two workbooks with the most popular books of our time will contain excerpts from these books, which will allow readers to familiarize themselves with important works of modern literature in the English language. They will contain exercises, questions and tasks that contribute to a deeper understanding of what has been read and the development of speech.

The package, aimed at developing the reader’s thinking, will contain a variety of resources and materials that stimulate mental activity, critical and creative thinking. These can be exercises for analyzing texts, puzzles, tasks for the development of logical thinking, creative tasks that awaken the imagination, as well as materials aimed at developing the level of knowledge of the English language.

Getting a kit that includes workbooks with the best books and a thinking pack can be useful for those who want to combine reading with the development of cognitive skills and creativity.

Are you ready to develop such skills as Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing together with a workbook from Enbookser?



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