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Welcome to the mysterious Manderley!

Workbooks from Enbookser will make the process of learning English extremely easy and exciting. Each workbook contains a variety of useful materials and tasks to help you improve your speaking skills. Here’s what you’ll find on the workbook pages from Enbookser:

  • Words, exercises and phrases to practice: The workbook contains many words, phrases and exercises to help you increase your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation. You will be able to perform various tasks that will contribute to the active use of the language.
  • Tasks for developing skills: The workbook offers tasks aimed at the development of all important speech skills: reading (Reading), listening (Listening), speaking (Speaking) and writing (Writing). You will be able to practice your skills in different contexts and situations.
  • Useful tips: Workbooks contain useful tips and strategies to help you complete tasks more effectively. You will receive tips on approaches to problem solving and skill development.
  • Explanation and reinforcement of grammar topics: The workbooks contain clear explanations and exercises to reinforce grammar topics. For example, in this case the grammar topic Modal verbs (past) will be covered and practiced in detail so that you can use it confidently.

Enjoy the magical world of electronic and printed workbooks from Enbookser!


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