Workbook Queen’s Gambit + Corpse Bride – a package




The package for improving creativity and learning English is a comprehensive set of resources and materials created to promote the development of creative thinking and at the same time improve English language skills. This package combines language practice with innovative techniques that stimulate your imagination, intuition and expressiveness.

In this package you will find a variety of resources and activities aimed at developing creativity and improving English language skills. The main components of the package include creative tasks and exercises. You will be engaged in colorful tasks that will awaken your imagination and creative potential. These can be tasks for writing stories, creating your own poems, making art projects, or developing creative ideas for practical tasks.

You receive a Workbook of two books, on the pages of which you will find:

– words, exercises and phrases for training;

– tasks to improve one’s knowledge;

– a bunch of useful tips for completing tasks;

– explanation and consolidation of the Modal grammatical topic

verbs (past);

– a list of online resources for viewing;

– answers to test your knowledge.

Are you ready to develop such skills as Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing together with a workbook from Enbookser?


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