Squid Game – printed book


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Workbooks from Enbookser offer incomparable ease and interest in the process of learning English. Each workbook has a structured and well-organized system that helps the reader learn the language effectively. Here’s what you’ll find in Enbookser workbooks:

  • QR code to access the movie: Each workbook contains a QR code that allows you to watch the movie in English with subtitles. You can watch the movie an unlimited number of times, which allows you to deepen your understanding of the language and sharpen your pronunciation.
  • Vocabulary: The workbooks contain a vocabulary of phrases and words used in the film. It helps you expand your vocabulary and learn new expressions in context.
  • Reading section: The workbooks contain a summary of the film and texts with interesting facts about it. It helps to develop reading skills and comprehension of the text, and deepens knowledge about the film.
  • Exercises: The workbooks offer a variety of exercises that cover all aspects of the language. You will be able to practice vocabulary, understanding the film, matching characters and quotes, as well as developing listening and writing skills. This makes it possible to practice all skills of spoken English.
  • Discussion Questions: Each workbook contains a list of questions to discuss based on the film. It helps improve communication skills and conversational practice.

With Enbookser workbooks, learning English becomes exciting and exciting. Enjoy the magical world of books and workbooks with Enbookser!


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