Rebecca + House of Gucci – a package




The “Rebecca + House of Gucci” package is a unique package that combines the study of English with the study of fashion history. It enables you to learn more about these two fascinating subjects while developing your speaking, reading, listening and writing skills.

Thanks to “Rebecca” you will immerse yourself in the world of a classic novel and an exciting film, and “House of Gucci” will allow you to delve into the culture and style of world fashion. You will have the opportunity to learn and improve your English by working with a variety of exercises and tasks that are linked to these two fascinating stories.

This package will help you expand your vocabulary, improve your grammar and vocabulary skills, and develop your ability to understand and use English in the context of fashion and literature. You will be able to practice your communication skills, analyze texts, discuss topics and express your thoughts using the English language.

The “Rebecca + House of Gucci” package is designed for those who want not only to learn English, but also to gain knowledge about the history of fashion and enjoy fascinating stories. You will be able to enjoy great works and improve your language skills at the same time.

It includes a variety of tasks and exercises to help you improve these important skills.

  • Writing: Through writing exercises, you will be able to improve your written expression and grammar. You will work on writing a variety of texts, including descriptions, stories and letters, and will have the opportunity to improve your skills in structuring and expressing ideas in English.
  • Reading: The workbook also contains reading texts to help you develop your reading comprehension skills. You will work with a variety of texts of various levels of difficulty and perform tasks that will help develop your vocabulary, understanding the main ideas and details of the text.
  • Grammar: In addition, the workbook contains exercises aimed at learning and consolidating the grammatical rules of the English language. You will learn to use the correct grammatical construction and avoid common mistakes.

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