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  • Workbook Cruella – printed book

Welcome to Hell Hall!

This place keeps many secrets that will gradually be revealed to the reader. Cruella’s amazing and fascinating story begins from the first page.

Learning English through reading e-books has many advantages that facilitate and improve the learning process. Here are some of them:

  • A wide selection of materials: E-books offer a variety of literature in English from different genres. You can choose according to your interests and level of language proficiency.
  • Convenience and accessibility: E-books can be downloaded to devices such as smartphones, tablets or e-readers and read anywhere and anytime. They take up little space and provide many interactive functions.
  • Vocabulary expansion: Reading e-books helps you learn new words and expressions in context. You can use the dictionary features to get definitions and translations of unfamiliar words.
  • Improving reading and comprehension skills: Regular reading of e-books helps develop reading and comprehension skills. You improve your ability to find information, understand the connection between paragraphs and general understanding of the text. You also develop inference and analysis skills.

Are you ready to embark on an adventure-filled journey while learning English? Develop Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing skills easily! Enjoy the magical world of books with Enbookser workbooks!


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