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Books about Sherlock Holmes tell about the exciting adventures of the world-famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his faithful companion Doctor Watson. Together they solve complex riddles, uncover the secrets of crimes and untangle tangled plots. Holmes’ characteristic intelligence, observation and logic help him find the right solutions even in the most difficult cases. These books have won the favor of millions of readers around the world, thanks to their fascinating stories and are still considered classics of the detective genre. Now you can read your favorite books and learn English!

By purchasing a printed book from Enbookser, the reader receives a number of advantages that contribute to his personal development and the study of the English language. Here’s what he gets:

  • Various lexical units, exercises and phrases that help in training language skills. The book offers a rich selection of vocabulary and phrases that help expand vocabulary and improve communication skills.
  • Tasks aimed at developing reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. These tasks allow the reader to practice and improve various aspects of the language using text materials from the book.
  • Important tips related to completing tasks. The book provides useful tips and recommendations that contribute to the effective performance of tasks and the improvement of English language skills.
  • Detailed explanations and consolidation of the grammatical topic — modal verbs (past). The book explains grammar rules in detail and guides the reader in using modal verbs in the past tense.
  • List of online resources you can use for viewing. The book recommends the reader useful online resources that help improve language skills by watching videos or using interactive exercises.
  • Thus, by purchasing a printed book, the reader receives valuable knowledge, training and resources that contribute to improving his level of English and expanding his communicative abilities.



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