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Books about Sherlock Holmes tell about the exciting adventures of the famous detective Sherlock and his reliable assistant Doctor Watson. Together they solve complex riddles, reveal the secrets of crimes and untangle complex plots. Holmes’ characteristic mind, his observation and logic help him to find the right solution for the most difficult cases. These books attracted the attention of millions of readers with their fascinating stories, and to this day they remain classics of the detective genre.

Enbookser allows you to learn English by reading your favorite books in an electronic version.

What does the reader get by buying an e-book?

-Various lexical items, exercises and phrases that will help you in your training;

-Tasks aimed at developing reading, listening, speaking and writing skills;

-Important tips related to the performance of tasks;

– Detailed explanations and consolidation of the grammatical topic — modal verbs (past);

-A list of online resources you can use for viewing.

We hope that you will enjoy learning English with Enbookser!


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