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Welcome to the complex world of chess!

This workbook is a guide to improve your reading, speaking, writing and listening skills in English. Each section is devoted to a separate episode, which includes exercises for practice. As you read, you will experience all the hardships of life in an orphanage, and then the ups and downs in the world of chess tournaments.

Learning English by reading e-books offers many advantages that can make the learning process much easier and better. Here are some of them:

  • A wide selection of materials: E-books provide a huge variety of literature in English. You can choose from a variety of genres, including novels, detective stories, science fiction, nonfiction, educational books, and more. This allows you to choose materials that match your interests and language level.
  • Convenience and accessibility: E-books can be downloaded to a smartphone, tablet or reader, which allows you to read in any convenient place and at any time. They take up little space and do not require physical storage space. In addition, you can easily control the font size, highlight words to study, add bookmarks and take notes – all this makes the reading process more interactive and personalized.
  • Expanding your vocabulary: Reading e-books allows you to encounter and learn new words and expressions in context. You can use the dictionary features available in many reading apps to instantly get definitions and translations of unfamiliar words. This helps you increase your vocabulary and better understand the meaning of words in context.
  • Improving reading and comprehension skills: Regular reading of e-books in English promotes the development of reading and comprehension skills. You improve your ability to scan and find information, understand the relationship between paragraphs, and develop an overall understanding of the text. It also helps you develop inference and analysis skills that can be useful in academic and professional contexts.

I hope you’re ready to start our exciting journey into the world of e-books with Enbookser!


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