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Today, English is one of the international languages, thanks to the influence of British colonialism. Already in the 16th century, Great Britain began to actively colonize new territories, expanding its empire. In the 18th century, the British Empire reached its peak. Through these colonization efforts, English became the official language in many conquered territories such as North America, Australia, India, and Africa. During the height of the British Empire, it was said that “the sun never sets on Britain”, reflecting British expansion and the spread of the English language. The decisions made in London had a great influence on the politics, economy and culture of the British colonies at the time.

The English language gained its popularity in the world for a number of important reasons. One of themthe role of the Internet, which has become a global means of communication. The spread of the Internet made it possible for people to easily communicate with interlocutors from all over the world, and this required the presence of a universal language. Thanks to its international distribution, English has become just such a language. Most of the world speaks English, and therefore many computer programs and modern programs are developed in this language. English is recognized as an international language, which opens wide opportunities for everyone who knows it.

Compared to other languages ​​such as Latin, English has a unique meaning. Latin was once an international language, but over time its influence declined and it became the language of science, biology, and religious texts. Everything is different with the English language. Today, it is necessary in everyday life, and the lack of knowledge of English can be an obstacle in finding a job and communicating with important personalities. Knowledge of the English language is important for business, politics and the entertainment industry. Not knowing English is perceived as a disadvantage today.

The ability to speak English opens the door to success, both professional and personal. It is no less popular and natural in communication as our native language. Instead of looking for answers to the question why English has become the most popular language in the world, let’s just learn it. And this is possible regardless of age. It is never too late to learn a foreign language, and our workbooks can help you with this.


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