Workbook Cruella + Last Christmas – a package




The Cruella + Last Christmas Workbook is an exciting package that will help you develop your English and inspire you to create fashionable looks. This pack combines elements of language learning and fashion, helping you expand your vocabulary, improve your grammar and express your ideas in English.

In the workbook you will find a variety of exercises and tasks related to fine arts, clothing style and fashion. You will work on descriptions of fashion looks, writing stories about fashion trends and model shows, as well as looking at illustrations that will inspire you to be creative and develop your own style.

The “Cruella + Last Christmas” package will also give you the opportunity to learn English through cultural aspects, as both the stories of “Cruella” and “Last Christmas” are related to the world of fashion and the entertainment industry. You will deepen your knowledge of fashion, style and creativity, as well as improve your communication skills in English.

So, if you want to not only learn English, but also get inspiration for creating fashionable looks, the “Cruella + Last Christmas” package will be a great choice for you. It will allow you to combine studies with a taste for fashion and style, expand your vocabulary and express yourself confidently in English.



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